WTF Brainfuck? A golfing experience

» programming , fun

I did a talk at the Copenhagen Ruby Brigade (Ruby Meetup Group based in Copenhagen) about my way to have fun whilst programming.

Integers are weird

» phd , math

I’m currently trying to teach Bohrium that a+1+1 is the same as a+2. This was an somewhat easy task.

Convert UTM to WGS84 in Elixir

» elixir , work , coordinate , wgs84 , utm32

We are currently in the midst of integrating with a Norwegian company at work. They supply the Norwegian bus- and trainstops with coordinates. We want to show this to our customers at so that they can see how far a location is to public transportation.

Don't you just love dates?

» ruby , dates

Hahaha, dates, you’re so funny.

Get Out of My Way

» css , reddit

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of clutter on the interwebs. Things I don’t want.

Weird Errors == Best Errors

» ruby , rails , irb

I :heart: weird errors. No really. I love having to dig into a system to discover why a certain function or method acts in a certain way.

Ping Machine

» ruby , heroku

First of I’d like to say: “Sorry Heroku”.

OpenPull - Fetches Open Pull-Requests for an Organisation from Github

» ruby , github , gem , threads

Back in August I wrote about a small application I’d written, which fetches organisation pull-requests.

I'm in a book! A Heroku Cookbook

» heroku , book

Earlier this year I got an e-mail from Packt Publishing asking me if I was interested in reviewing a book about Heroku.

Monitor Everything!

» devops , monitoring , ruby

We have all our infrastructure on Rackspace. Rackspace had to reboot all the servers recently, so we decided to get some better monitoring going on our servers, e.g. are they up and are the services running on them up.

Threading the pull-requests

» ruby , github

I’ve seen myself go through the my Github organisations pull-requests pages one by one, to see if anything was up, but no more.

Rake task for Github comparison

» git , github , ruby , rake , heroku

“What’s going to production?”

Wonderful quirks in the English language

» language , grammar , punctuation

»Lets eat Grandma« or »Lets eat, Grandma«? It depends on whether you want to actually eat your grandmother or you want to say to her that you’re going to eat.

Up and atom

» ruby , atom , editor

So today I got an early access for Githubs new Atom editor. (Thanks Kasper!)

Pluck vs. map and select

» ruby , rails , optimise

Just a quick look at pluck vs. map and select in Rails.

2+2=5. No seriously.

» numbers , ruby , math , fun

So I’ve been watching Numberphile videos on YouTube lately. They did a video about the sum of all the natural numbers being equal to -1/12.

Switch to New Ruby Hash Syntax

» ruby , sublimetext , regex

When working on old Ruby code, you’ll see the old (<= 1.9) hash syntax:

Pretty JSON in Grape API

» ruby , grape , json

So we’re building this JSON API at, in which we want the JSON outputted to be human readable (pretty). Nothing is worse than trying to debug a JSON service, and always having to parse it through e.g. json_pp.

String Interpolation in Knockout

» javascript , ruby , rails , knockout

At we are currently developing a new flow for car owners to enter. This flow is based on a data-driven API. The new flow will be a front-end client of this API.

New TheRubyGame Challenge - Time to golf!

» ruby , golf

So TheRubyGame was just brought back from the dead. The newest challenge (Challenge #1) is about ducks and fire and ducks on fire.

✔ as a shortcut

» bash , macosx

I’ve been going crazy over that Mac OS X has a shortcut for (Square root sign) but not for (Check mark).

Even more failing comments

» ruby , erb

So I took my erubis for another spin.

Failing comments in erubis

» ruby , erb

I’m doing a lot of back-end work in Ruby and in Rails. Lately we hired a full-time front-end developer, and I wanted to give him some pointers in the index.html.erb-file in the /app/views/home-dir (front page of our site). I started writing some comments in the file, in a branch, which he could then take and improve on, get to know some of the models (stats shown on the front page) and view-helpers.

New .bashrc-file

» scripts , bash , shell

Previously I wrote about functions and aliases, however I just swtiched back to bash from zsh and thought I’d share some of my .bashrc-file. I also switched from TotalTerminal to iTerm 2.

Small, but useful script

» zsh , scripts , shell

We all have those small lines of code that we write again and again and again. Why not write a script to do it for you?

Welcome to Jekyll! What? Not Rails?

» jekyll , ruby , rails , hosting

I must say. Usually I swear to Rails. “Hey, shouldn’t we build this?”, “Yeah, of course, lets use Rails!”. However this tends to get out of hand. You really shouldn’t build everything in Rails, just because you can, why not use some frameworks that are built with a specific application in mind, e.g. jekyll.