We all have those small lines of code that we write again and again and again. Why not write a script to do it for you?

I just thought I’d share some of mine:


First a little alias, which reduces the number of letters written each day by 99%:

alias be="bundle exec"


Having committed something you need live asap, this comes in handy, when trying to figure out exactly how much stuff will go live

function what_is_not_deployed_yet {
  cd /Users/ohm/Work/autobutler;
  set `git ls-remote heroku-production`;
  open "https://github.com/autobutler/autobutler/compare/$1...master?w=1";

Note that it is very hardcoded to fit my needs, which is exactly why it works. Also note the ?w=1 at the end which tells Github to be quiet about whitespace changes.


alias console-production="heroku run console --app autobutler-production"


Working with LocaleApp, we often want to pull new locale files for our project. This removes the old one and then pulls the new ones.

pfl was chosen to mean “pull from localeapp”.

function pfl {
  cd /Users/ohm/Work/autobutler;
  rm config/locales/*.yml
  localeapp pull


Want to deploy? Why not just yell it?

This will also grab new code and push to staging.

function deploydeploydeploy {
  cd /Users/ohm/Work/autobutler;
  git pull;
  git push heroku-production;
  git push -f heroku-staging > /dev/null 2>&1 &