Earlier this year I got an e-mail from Packt Publishing asking me if I was interested in reviewing a book about Heroku.

I have worked and deployed a couple of applications on Heroku, e.g. KK400 (An accounting system for my old dormitory), Sorteringsguide and Autobutler (My old work), and their API, as well as some more fun applications, e.g. event-bubbles, which show a bubble every time an event is fired in our system at Lokalebasen.dk.

I of course said yes, and went on to read through Mike Coutermarsh’s Heroku Cookbook and giving it a technical review.

Heroku Cookbook

This is my first time doing reviews like this, however I loved reading through the book and getting a glimpse on the final version before it was actually released.

The book, which is available at PacktPub, will teach you to administer and deploy an Heroku application, as well as performance optimisation on the deployed application. All in all 70 step-by-step recipes, which will guide you along the way of becoming a master at Heroku.

Yes, yes I know… But I’m actually mentioned on page 3 in the free sample available on the webpage.